The Ashfell Family

What is the Ashfell Family?

The Ashfell family is a consolidation of many different pilots with different interests, different play styles and different EvE careers.

Many people ask, well what does your corp focus on? 

The answer is quite simple:  We have fun in eve. Thats it. No big goals, no big demands, we just have fun and do whatever.

Together we are building our strengths, filling our wallets and learning how to work together better each day to achieve greater standing in the mirror, and not really worried about moving twards greater things in EvE in the long term
Those bigger things take organization and effort, theres big alliances that do that, we just want to have fun, eve shouldnt be a job and people should not be forced to do anythign they dont want
In a game world where everyone is so willing to be helpful and do thier part, but usually only if it is in thier own way that they like, We are sure that this will result in a productive environment where you will succeed in whatever you want to do today. 

Good Luck pilot. 

Fly safe! o7

The Ashfell Celestial Leadership Team