Welcome to the ASHFELL Federation


Ashfell Federation the corp of the Future in New Eden

Each individual pilot, under the guidance of our dedicated leadership team, furthers Ashfell Federation's goal of becoming a Nullsec Sovereignty holding Alliance!

If you have any questions about the Ashfell Family, this website or anything else related to the Ashfell Family/Federation please contact an alliance Diplomat.

New to EvE? Join the academy!

Learn to fly straight: Get insight on the right skills to train, what to fly, how to do Industry, and how to use any other system in EvE through our New Pilot training Programm!

Gain access to increased ISK income: Take part in our extensive corp events and structure that will help you get organized and become more effective pilot while at the same time boosting your wallet

Extensive industrial infrastructure: Divisional academy members who participate in the ashfell industry program gain access to a complete library of blue print originals available for thier own perosnal production and use.


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